Karl Ferdinand Sohn; detail of Torquato Tasso and the Two Leonores.

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Title: Broken Crown

Artist: Mumford & Sons


Broken Crown // Mumford & Sons

"I will not speak of your sin

There was a way out for him

The mirrors shows not

Your values are all shot.”


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Title: Oo Siellä Jossain Mun

Artist: PMMP


So I have more pictures on my camera and I have to go through all those, but here’s some from my phone, for now.

If you do get the chance, visit the Schuyler Mansion in Albany. The tour guide was incredible and knew so much and the house has been kept so well.

So these pictures are from the parlor where Elizabeth Schuyler married Alexander Hamilton on December 14, 1780. The walls at the time had ornate blue wallpaper.

The painting of the girl above the couch is Betsey’s youngest sister, Catharine (or Kitty, as the family called her). She was born two months after Betsey’s wedding. You can’t really see, but there’s a pianoforte in her portrait as well.

And I think everyone knows that last portrait is Angelica Church, Betsey’s older sister.

I got more of this room and the rest of the house on my camera, so I’ll be posting more soon!

And sorry about the quality - I obviously couldn’t use flash :(

Ahhhh, it’s great to finally see that Catharine portrait in color! It looks lovely.